May 20, 2010

See how easily video can "punch up" a website

1300 Web Pro recently had the opportunity to work with Toowoomba Financial Centre to redesign their site.

At our initial consultation, we suggested integrating video into their site to help make the website a bit more interactive. Chris and Dennis from TFC agreed, and we got the opportunity to work with our friends at Evolution Studios to produced a really great website.

This week I thought I would do a quick "video blog" to share our experience with Toowoomba Financial Centre with you.

Please click here to have a look at Toowoomba Financial Centre's new website and leave a comment below with your thoughts!

James Deck
1300 Web Pro
Twitter: @1300WebPro


  1. This is a very original and fresh blog and the new site for TFC looks great! - We have considered adding audio and/or video content to our site also - the main drawback being the confronting nature of the experience. This new TFC site seems to ease you into that experience (much like listening to the radio in the car etc) where without realising it, the site changes your perspective on a particular product or service (shaping the sale).

    What a fantastic technique to marketing. Non-confronting but highly invasive on your buying process. Great Job!

  2. Chris, as always, we love reading your feedback. Glad to like the blog and like the site.

    I wasn't sure how the video blog would go, but for those that are interested we have had a lot of positive feedback, no negative feedback, and our Mailchimp reports tell us that a lot of people took the time to check out the video.

    All in all, it has been a successful exercise. Thank you blog readers! It always humbles me when one of you stops me during the day to say you enjoyed the blog.


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