February 15, 2011

Never miss a P&C meeting again (or Rotary, or footy club...)

If you have ever participated in a service group, sporting club, P&C, networking group or anything similar, you will be familiar with the challenge of keeping an up-to-date group email list.

I participate in a number of groups and I have often found myself trying to find an old email circulated by another group member from which I could copy and paste the cc: list from.

This morning at SING, one of our members experienced the shortfall of this method -- he sat waiting at the wrong venue as he "didn't get the e-mail." Being a new member he wasn't on the list (sorry Chris!!).

An easy to use, free solution to this problem is Google Groups.

With Groups, you give Google a list of e-mail addresses and they in turn give you a single "group" email address to send emails to for distribution.

For example, you can set up a group called Neverland State School and add:
  • john@doe.com
  • bob@builder.com
  • tom@tankengine.com
Google will then give you an address, say neverland-pc@googlegroups.com. From then on, if you send an e-mail to neverland-pc@googlegroups.com it will be forwarded, by Google, to the three list members.
The best part of this is that one person can manage the list. For example, the Secretary or President could add and remove people from the list as required and emails will automatically get sent to the current members.

Setting up a Google Group is very simple. Simply point your browser to:


It is a short process and well documented.

You can return to the website at any time to revise the list of group members.

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